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Who are you going to trust?

Buying expensive items over the internet can be a risky business – everything is just fine, until………it all goes wrong!  And when it does go wrong, it goes wrong BIGTIME.


Not surprising really when you think about it, after all, consumers like you and me, hand over large amounts of money to a total stranger, who (by his own admission) works at low profit margins, to cut his prices to the bone.  I mean, what do we expect?!  If you were in business, making say £50 profit on a £750 sale, how much time and effort do you think you’d be prepared to put into sorting out problems?  To many web merchants, the definition of service is ‘loss of profit’ – something to be avoided like the plague.  Let’s face it, most of these guys don’t have a shop, let alone a workshop!  Many of them don’t even have a continuously manned telephone line (too expensive!).  So, if a customer has a problem, he often has to face it in virtual isolation; he can’t make a complaint in person, he can’t talk to a real human being on the phone – his only communication with the company concerned, has to be via e-mail messages.  And guess how quickly those are answered! 

The simple fact of the matter is that when an organisation cuts its costs to hit a discount price, the first expensive ‘luxury’ to go out of the window is SERVICE.  Trouble is, that by the time the poor customer comes to realise this, it’s too late – his money has gone and he can repent at his leisure. 


Obviously, the sensible thing to do, is not get involved with faceless web merchants at all – buy your Hi-Fi from us instead!


We are different – VERY different.  Although we run two huge 450 page websites, taking 8 million hits a year, we are first and foremost a 30 year old specialist organisation, with a real shop that can be visited or phoned. We use modern technology (the Internet) to reach our 21st century audience, but we still hold true to the traditional values that have made us one of the most successful audio retailers in the UK.

Here’s a brief summary of the benefits our customers enjoy.

Our web prices are amongst the very lowest around, BUT you still get our full warranty support (normally 2 years).
We are an authorised dealer for all the brands shown on our home page – we do not sell grey imports (try getting them serviced!)
We have been trading for more than 30 years – we’re not going to disappear overnight (with your money).
We are a real shop, with real (not virtual) premises, manned by enthusiastic, handsome (in low light conditions) staff, who actually care about what they do for a living. The combined audio experience of our staff now totals over 100 years (yes we're old!)
When we’re open, we answer the phone within a few rings, and our e-mails within 30 minutes. When we’re closed, we usually answer our e-mails within a few hours (they come to our houses, so there’s no escape!).
We offer unlimited telephone and e-mail support - we don’t use premium cost lines.
We supply our famous “plug and play” Quick Start Guides free with many products.
We have a highly specialist in-store workshop that can quickly deal with most service issues.
Most of our repairs are turned round in DAYS (not months!).
  And Finally...  
We don’t use one of those awful automated telephone answering systems.

How many other dealers can honestly say that they offer this degree of commitment to their customers?  From our point of view, it is simply good business sense – it’s an investment in YOU, our walking adverts.


However, we like to go one step further, because even though we think our service is absolutely second to none, we still offer you a genuine price promise;


If you find any of our web products at a lower price elsewhere, at the time of buying, we will look at the individual prevailing circumstances and, provided (as Basil Fawlty would say) that we don’t think you’re trying to rip the shirt off our back, we’ll do our best to come up with an equal offer.


What more can I say?


Creative Audio – the cheapest AND the best!!


If you want to know even more about Creative Audio - click here (...but be prepared to be shown the holiday snaps!)