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Before we even start telling you how much we love this company, we need to get one of the most frequently asked questions out of the way. The name of this company is Naim and the word 'Naim' is pronounced exactly the same as the word 'name'. Simples!

With an unrivalled commitment to music, stretching back over 40 years, a 'no compromise' approach to performance and a legendary reputation for reliability, there is no other company in our industry that is quite like British specialists, Naim Audio. The company shuns short lived, 'me too' market fashions and concentrates solely on designing equipment that will transport the heart and soul of any musical piece straight into your living room. Music is about emotion, and no other equipment conveys emotion like Naim. If you buy a Naim system, it will take you on a roller-coaster ride through all your favourite music, leaving you tired out from all the foot tapping, but hungry for more. "Just one more track" you'll find yourself saying - at 3am in the morning! Even music you thought you knew inside out, will be revealed in a whole new light. When you own Naim, everything just sounds so much BETTER - more detailed, more natural, more musical, but above all else, so much more ENJOYABLE! If you want to re-live the thrill of a live concert, do what many of the world's top musicians have already done - buy yourself a Naim system.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to drive a Bentley, you will already know what a Naim system sounds like, because Naim make the in-car audio systems that grace the company's top models!

1. One-box streaming solutions

The Award-winning
mu-so, mu-so Qb and new
Uniti Atom, Star and Nova, arguably
represent the future of Hi-Fi. They
allow customers to access music from
almost any source (CD, Internet radio
Spotify, Tidal, Bluetooth, Apple Airplay
Smartphone, PC, USB, NAS drive,
server etc) then wring every last
drop of performance
out of it!

2. Streaming separates
Naim got into
streaming far more quickly
than any other British brand,
putting them way ahead of the
competition in this exciting new field. Naim's streaming products stand up to anything available on the world market today. Naim even have a download
shop, selling music recorded in
ultra high resolution!
Click here for more info
on streaming...
3. Five Series
The highly reviewed
5si series offers customers
an entry point into 'the Naim
experience' at a relatively affordable
price. The Nait 5si and CD5si epitomize
what has made Naim so popular,
with a fast, musical presentation
that is bursting with energy.
The starting point for a
magical journey!
4. XS Series
The XS series puts
more 'meat' on the 5-series
bone, thanks to dramatically
uprated circuitry, heavily beefed up
power supplies & a clearly defined
'building-block' upgrade pathway.
This is the most popular Naim series
we sell. Think you know your
music? - try listening to it on a
Naim XS system.
Simply Stunning!
5. Classic Series
The Classic Series
contains the modern day
descendents of the products that
first put Naim on the audio map over
35 years ago, plus a range of
innovative, exciting new models.
Each product represents years of painstaking design and has been
fine-tuned to extract every last
drop of performance.

The products down the left hand side of this page are only a representative sample of what is available in each series, based on their popularity in our shop. Other models are available.