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Neat Acoustics

Whether it be Shostakovich or Springsteen, when a composer sits down to create a piece of music, the main thing he is trying to convey to a future listener is the raw emotion he feels at the time of writing. This is achieved using a combination of melody, rhythm and tonal harmony, and when successfully executed, creates a sound so powerful that it is able to stir the emotions in a way that no other medium can match. However, the raw emotion ('musicality') of a piece can besurprisingly easily lost or reduced when it is played back through a Hi-Fi system. One of the main culprits is the loudspeaker, because it has the difficult job of turning electrical impulses back into the mechanical sound waves that hit our ears and stimulate our brains. It is very easy for a loudspeaker to be technically 'right' yet musically horribly wrong, in the same way that its perfectly possible for a car to have a great spec on paper, but handle like a dog. It isdifficulttoobjectivelymeasure things like 'handling', or 'musicality''.

This is where Neat score so well, because although their speakers use the very latest technology, they are ultimately finetuned over a period of many months, usingthe most sensitive measuring equipment ever developed - the human ear. Consequently, all of Neat's speakers measure superbly well, but also (far more importantly) convey the underlying emotional message of any piece of music (even Stockhausen) in a way that few others can match. So if you want to know what was in the composer's mind (and even more importantly, in his heart) when he wrote a piece of music, try listening to it through a pair of Neats!

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Momentum SX5i
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Neat Momentum SX7i
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