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CD Players

I love my iPod - it's a gorgeous thing to own, it's incredibly convenient to use and my wife wears it around the house, so I don't have to talk to her any more. It's a wonderful piece of ultra-convenient 21st Century technology. IPods have revolutionised how we listen to music, in the same way that microwaves revolutionised how we cook food. And that brings us to a very important point.

Microwaves are OK, but if you could choose between having your Sunday roast cooked in a microwave or cooked 'the proper way', what would you do? It's the same with music - if you want the FULL experience from your favourite tracks, you need a good quality CD player - which is why we still sell so many of them. The CD players shown below will give you the best music reproduction around, but many of them now also have a USB socket, which allows them to interface beautifully with (and significantlyenhance the sound of) other music storage devices, such as iPods, mp3 players, USB sticks and external drives. So whether you want a convenient microwave treat, or a full blown Sunday roast, you'll have all your bases covered!

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Black or Silver
Audiolab 6000CDT CD Transport
  • Coaxial and Optical digital outputs
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SRP £379
Save £50
Black only
Cyrus CD t Transport
  • SE2 CD servo ‘engine’
  • Coaxial and optical digital outputs
  • Optimised as a ‘digital’ source
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SRP £895
Save £250
Black only
Cyrus CD i CD Player
  • Integrated CD player
  • Industry leading disc reading accuracy
  • 32 bit Digital to Analogue Converter
  • Compact design - only 215mm wide!
  • Upgradeable via Cyrus PSX-R
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SRP £1195
Save £250
Naim CD5si CD player
  • Unique swing-out disc transport mechanism
  • DIN and RCA phono outputs
  • Upgraded DAC and transport
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SRP £1149
Save £150