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In-ceiling / In-wall Speakers

Many customers are rejecting conventional speakers and using the latest generation of in-wall / in-ceiling speakers for their Home Cinema or Stereo systems, instead. They're a wonderful solution, because, if you pick carefully, they can perform just like 'normal' (some might say ugly) speakers, but completely disappear into the room's décor, thus achieving the holy grail of matrimonial Hi-Fi - invisible speakers! The potential improvement in 'domestic harmony' is highly significant, particularly if you're trying to sneak a 5 (or 7) speaker system past 'the management'!

In-wall designs have improved hugely in recent years, so an ultra-sleek look can now be achieved without sacrificing too much performance - as long as you follow some basic rules. Rule 1 is to only buy the best (see below): Rule 2 is to go larger in cone size and to spend a bit more than you would have done on a conventional 'box' speaker. Going bigger is OK, because these speakers are almost invisible and spending a bit more is worth it, when you consider how much you have already spent making your lounge look beautiful. Don't spoil it all now! What you see below represents the crème de la crème of the latest designs. They sound excellent, they look excellent - you can't go wrong!

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