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Running a Home Cinema system without a subwoofer is like running a car with the hand brake half on - it will work, but you will be missing out massively on performance. The reason for this is that in a Dolby Digital 5.1 (or 7.1) system, the 'point one' refers to the subwoofer track, which is cut onto every DVD / Blu-Ray disc, as an entirely separate track . If you don't have a sub, then you don't get to hear this track properly - simple as that!

What's more, subwoofers have far larger drivers than virtually any domestic speaker, plus a dedicated high wattage amplifier, so they are capable of producing much deeper bass than any normal Hi-Fi speaker. If you want to accurately reproduce the soundtrack of any blockbuster movie, you have to have a sub, so take your pick from the excellent models below, or go for a complete surround sound speaker package that includes a subwoofer.

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