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Arcam FMJ AVR390 7.1 network receiver (SRP £1999)
Finishes - Black
Dali OPTICON 6 5.0 speaker package (SRP £2127)
Finishes - Black Ash, Light Walnut or White
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Speaker Cables
Creative Audio High End Cable Bundle -  
•  30m QED Original cable speaker cable  
•  20 gold plated 4mm plugs  
•  6m QED sub cable  
•  1m QED 4k HDMI lead  
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30m x QED Original Speaker Cable + 20 x 4mm plugs -  
•  30m QED Original speaker cable  
•  20 gold plated 4mm plugs  
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Creative Audio Custom Audiophile Cable Bundle -  
•  30m QED Silver Anniversary XT speaker cable  
•  20 fitted gold plated Airlock 'cold weld' 4mm plugs  
•  6m QED sub cable  
•  1m QED 4k HDMI lead  
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High Quality 4K HDMI Lead -  
QED 4K Performance Graphite HS HDMI lead (1m)
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High Quality Micro Subwoofer Cable -  
QED Profile ultra thin, audiophile subwoofer cable (6m)
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Upgrades and Add-ons
Matching Turntable Pre-amp + Interconnect -  
Project Phono Box MM
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Add on a Subwoofer - option -  
Dali K-14F Subwoofer
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Specifications and Points of Interest
Arcam FMJ AVR390
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High performance 7.1 channel network AV receiver
HDMI 2.0 and HDCP2.2 for 4K compatability
Supports 3D and Audio Return Channel
7 x HDMI 2.0a inputs, (1 x MHL compatible, all HDCP2.2)
2 x HDMI 2.0a zone 1outputs (1 x ARC, both support HDCP2.2)
1 x HDMI 2.0a zone 2 output (HDCP 2.2)
4 x Coaxial Digital inputs, 2 x Optical Digital inputs
6 x RCA Phono analogue inputs
Network Audio, USB (inc. iPod) playback, Internet Radio
Spotify Connect enabled
FM / DAB / DAB+ Radio Tuner
7.1.4 Pre-amp output - 12x RCA Phono
Supports Dolby Atmos (7.1.4)
DTS:X ready
On board PSU for rSeries accessories
Ethernet, RS232 and IR control
Free MusicLife  iOS control App
Auto setup with room correction
7 x 60 watts (all channels driven)
2 x 86 watts (stereo, into 4ohms)
Weight: 15.70kg
Height: 171mm  |  Width: 433mm  |  Depth: 425mm
Points of interest:
Like all Home Cinema amps, this unit ideally needs at least two inches of free air space above it, in order to ventilate properly.
this unit supports Dolby Atmos up to 7.1.4, but will need a an additional 4-channel amplifier (or two 2-channel power amplifiers) for a 7.1.4 setup
This product carries a free 5 year warranty, if you register it on-line at the manufacturer's website.
Dali OPTICON 6 5.0
Black Ash
Light Walnut
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Awards / Reviews:
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    our review!
Opticon 6 front speakers
Enclosure type: floorstanding, bass reflex
Super high frequency driver: 1 x 17 x 45 mm ribbon
High frequency driver: 1 x 28 mm soft textile dome
Low frequency drivers: 2 x 6 1/2 inch wood fibre cone
Frequency response: 49Hz to 32kHz (3dB)
Power handling: 200watts
Sensitivity: 89dB for 2.83v at 1m
Impedance: 6 ohms
Weight: 18.90kg
Height: 1000mm  |  Width: 195mm  |  Depth: 330mm
Opticon 1 rear speakers
Enclosure type: bookshelf/standmount, bass reflex
High frequency driver: 26 mm soft textile dome
Low frequency driver: 4 3/4 inch wood fibre cone
Recommended amplifier power: 25 - 125 watts
Frequency range (+/-3 dB): 62 - 26,500 Hz
Sensitivity (2.83v / m): 86dB
Nominal impedance: 4 ohms
DALI SMC Magnet System Technology
Weight: 4.50kg
Height: 261mm  |  Width: 152mm  |  Depth: 231mm
Opticon Vokal centre speaker
High frequency drivers: 17 x 45mm ribbon + 28mm soft dome
Low frequency drivers: 1 x 6 1/2 inch wood fibre cone
Frequency response: 47Hz to 32kHz (3dB)
Power handling: 150 watts
Sensitivity: 89.5dB for 2.83v at 1m
Impedance: 4 ohms
Weight: 8.80kg
Height: 201mm  |  Width: 435mm  |  Depth: 312mm
Manufacturer Manual / Info Sheet:
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Points of interest:
One of the reasons these speakers are so brilliant, is that they are physically large compared to a bookshelf design - please check dimensions and make sure you are definitely happy with a speaker this size before purchasing.