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Cyrus CD t Transport
Finishes - Black or Silver
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High Quality Coaxial Digital Interconnect -  
QED Performance Coaxial Digital interconnect (1m)
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High Quality Optical Digital Interconnect -  
QED Performance Optical Digital interconnect (1m)
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Specifications and Points of Interest
Cyrus CD t
Silver (available to special order only)
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Awards / Reviews:
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  • “Best CD Transport under £500” 2015-2016
  • October 2015
Coaxial and optical SPDIF digital outputs
Toroidal power transformer
Separate transformer windings for digital circuitry and mech
Custom LCD with green back lighting
Isolated slot loading mech with high bandwidth optical pick-up
Weight: 3.70kg
Height: 78mm  |  Width: 215mm  |  Depth: 360mm
Manufacturer Manual / Info Sheet:
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Points of interest:
The CD t is a CD transport - it needs to be fed through either a separate DAC, or an amp with a DAC built into it.